The Guide

v2.0 Work-In-Progress Releases

The v2.0 of The Guide will introduce exciting new features. Periodic releases, intended to provide a preview of the upcoming features, and to allow more time for me to incorporate your feedback about them, will be made. This page summarizes the changes so far in 2.0, and provides the links to the latest WIP release.

The latest release is 2.0beta1. No major changes are expected between this and the final release.

New Features (since v1.6):
    + [2.0dev4] Node icon can be changed.
    + [2.0dev4] Nodes can have icons, or checkboxes, both or none.
    + [2.0dev4] Export to XML, using command-line utility gdeutil.exe.
    + [2.0dev4] Display '*' in titlebar when unsaved changes are present.
    + [2.0dev3] Portable mode, for use on portable devices.
    + [2.0dev3] Last selected node is remembered across sessions.
    + [2.0dev3] First visible line per node is remembered within/across
    + [2.0dev3] Search dialog appearence, behaviour improvements
    + [2.0dev3] Hot key for "paste as text" Ctrl+Shift+V (sf req 1763246)
    + Proper hyperlinks.
    + Link targets are shown in status bar.
    + Node expand/collapse state is remembered.
    + Upgraded to Rich Edit 5.0.
    + Ported to unicode. East european, east asian characters
      supported fully in tree pane also.
    + Foreground and background color of nodes in tree pane
      can be changed via RMB menu.
    + Node colors are used when printing and exporting also.

Bug Fixes:
    * Search dialog used to display only first match in text
    * Minor bug fixes sf ids: 1727915, 1727249, 1727943
    * Fixes for better support of east asian languages
    * Collapse All copied current node text to top-level node.
    * Fixed periodic auto save not working bug.
    * Font for headings greater than level 5 fixed.
    * [2.0beta1] Font selection dialog popped up without currently
      selected font name.
    * [2.0beta1] Error message for missing hyperlink targets.
    * [2.0beta1] Improved support for localization.

   * .gde file format has changed. The Guide v2.x series can read
     files of both format, and will write out in the new file format.

Here are the download links for the latest WIP release:

Here are some interesting screenshots:

Portable mode section in the preferences dialog.

Full multilingual support. The new hyperlinks, with the link target appearing in the status bar, can also be seen.

Background and foreground colors of nodes can be changed.

Creating a link to another node, by picking the target node. Click on the image to enlarge.

Creating links, to URLs and mail addresses:

Change node icons:

Decorate your tree with icons, checkboxes or both (Preferences -> General):

Please send in your comments to mdevan @ users . sourceforge . net, or discuss about it at the users group or at the development blog. Have fun!